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Prices for Single Family Home Inspections start at $325.00.
Prices for Condominiums start at $270.00.

For a more accurate quote, please call me.
There are several factors that I need to consider for pricing your inspection.

Examples of some of the questions that I may ask you include:
  • Is your property a Single Family House, a Condo or Multi-family?
  • Do you know the approximate square footage of the building?
  • Do you know the approximate age of the building?
  • Are there any detached structures that need to be inspected?
  • Is the structure on a slab, crawlspace or basement?
  • Where is the building located?
  • Do you want a Mold Inspection?
  • Do you want a Radon Test performed? 

My prices for home inspections may not be the cheapest, but they are very competitive for this area. I believe that a home inspection price reflects the professionalism and the confidence of that inspector. If the price given for an inspection seems really low, think of the sacrifices that the inspector may utilize on that inspection. They may surface in the report quality, the time spent on site, interaction with the customer or anything else they may think of that can minimize the time and cost that is owed to the customer.